NFL Tickets and Travel for Your Team

Are you a huge NFL fan, but you never get to go to a game because the team you root for is always sold out? Well consider hitting the road to support your team. There are a number of places where teams do not sell out week after week. Making the trip could mean scoring a ticket. Or may be you're a season ticket holder and just love the team so much you want to see even more games. Taking a road trip could satisfy that urge.<br> <br> You could plan the entire trip yourself. The first step of course is to make sure you can get a ticket to the game. (You don't want to make the flight and rent a hotel room only to find out you can't get a ticket once you get there.)<br> <br> The easiest place to start is at the website of your local team. They'll have links to purchase tickets, even for road games. You can also go to the website of the team you club is playing. Just purchase the tickets there online.<br> <br> If both those methods don't work out, check out the NFL Ticket Exchange. Your team's website will have a link. It's where fans that can't make the game can put their tickets up for sale. You can also try out third party ticket companies like StubHub. Same deal there people who can't make the game resell their tickets.<br> <br> In most cities, Visit - there are also ticket brokers. They have access to tickets as well. Be prepared to pay extra for those tickets. The broker needs to make a profit too.<br> <br> You need to be very careful about who you are dealing with when it comes to ticket exchanges and brokers. Make sure they are legitimate. If the deal seems too good, be very, very careful. You don't want to hand over your money, make the trip and end up with fake tickets or no tickets at all.<br> <br> It's important to know a little about the stadium you'll be going to and where the seats are located. For example in some stadium's field level seats at the 50-yard line sound great. Only problem is you'll be standing the entire game because the seats in the first few rows are so low to the field people have to stand to see over the players. So know your stadium.<br> <br> OK so now you've got a ticket. Next, you'll need to make an airline reservation. Make sure you leave yourself enough time. Don't try to fly in the day of the game or even leave the same day unless it's an early game and you're on a late flight. Games can run long, getting to and from the stadium can be a nightmare and who knows what kind of delays there might be. It's best to travel the day before to the site and leave the day after. Besides, it will give you a chance to soak up the atmosphere of the city you are visiting.<br> <br> Renting a car is a tossup. Yes, it will give you mobility but it also can be a headache. If you are in a city you don't know, you'd hate to get lost on the way to the game. Most stadiums have some sort of public transportation to them. Some places are better than others so check before you go.<br> <br> And a good place to check is the hotel where you'll be staying. They'll know how to get to the stadium from the hotel. So after talking with them you can make a car decision.<br> <br> When it comes to picking the hotel there are a number of criteria. Cost and location are the biggies. If you are a rabid fan, you might want to find out which hotel your team is staying at and stay there too. That's likely to be expensive however. NFL teams don't stay at a cheap motel. You might want to find lodging in a downtown area, that way there will be plenty of bars and restaurants to hand out in, both before and after the game. If cost is a major concern then check around for deals, but still make sure you can get to the stadium easily from the location.<br> <br> Now if that all seems like a lot of work, there is an easier way, think travel packages. They do all the work and you just show up and enjoy the game. The best place to start, once again, is your team's website. Usually if you go to the page with the schedule, you'll find a link to travel packages. They will give you a choice of hotels, tickets and more.<br> <br> There are also tour companies who put together travel packages. If you have a group this might be the way to go. They can get all the reservations you need. Tickets are usually included in travel packages but be sure and double check.<br> <br> It won't be cheap, but traveling to watch your team play can be a great experience.

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