Olympic Sailing - Inspiring New Sailors

Sailing Made its Olympic debut in Paris, at the 1900 games. It began with both men's and women's competitions and has been scheduled at every Olympic Games since, with the exception of the 1904 St. Louis games. It's only been called 'sailing' since 1996 - prior to this, the event was called yachting.<br> <br> This year, the summer games were hosted here in the UK for an unprecedented third time. Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour in the south of England hosted 10 sailing events over two weeks of competition. Each event consists of a series of races, where points are awarded according to finishing position. The winner gets one point, the person in second place gets two, the person in third 3 and so on and so forth. In the final, medal race, the points are doubled. After this final event, the individual or crew with the lowest number of points in total is declared the winner.<br> <br> Sailing at the summer games saw some moderate success for the home nation, but British Olympian Ben Ainslie became the most decorated Olympic sailor of all time, winning Team GB's only gold on home water. The hosts did pick up 4 silver medals too, bagging the most medals in total.<br> <br> The Olympics were held with the intent to 'inspire a generation' and since they began in July, youth programs and sports clubs have seen a huge influx of new recruits, all eager to start what may one day be their own Olympic journey. Sailing is one of the UK's most prized sports, something the nation is typically very good at - but it can seem a little inaccessible.<br> <br> Yachting can be an extremely rewarding pastime - and don't let the word yacht fool you, we're not talking about huge machines costing millions upon millions - you can buy a boat for far less than you might think. In fact, it's pretty easy to find boats for sale - on the internet, and a broker can help you source one. But before spending money on a new sailboat, it might be worth going out on the water as a volunteer crew member or taking a class in sailing.<br> <br> When you are ready, finding yachts for sale is going to be relatively easy and you could, as mentioned before, take the services of a broker. A yacht broker works to sell a yacht for a client, but can also find you a boat for sale and will likely have many suitable and well maintained vessels ready for you to see - it can take quite a lot of risk out of buying a used boat, similar to when buying a used car from a dealership.<br> <br> If Olympic sailing has inspired you or someone you know, spend a little time on the internet, at your local library or check out the nearest marina. Get to know the sport and try it out first - if you catch the bug, then start looking for boats!

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